VPX/open VPX C-Frame 5 Slot 11U

Technology: VPX/open VPX
Slots: 5
Cooling: Front to rear
Power: AC


The C-Frame chassis is the next generation VPX development platform. Not only does it offer a frame-chassis but also provides a number of exciting features, such as real-time monitoring of voltages/currents/temperatures in the chassis, automatic fan control, and even optional VITA 46.11 chassis manager. Besides, it offers powerful cooling with convection and conduction card guide options as well as breakthrough 100Gbps Air-/-Plane backplane technology. Extreme flexibility and above-mentioned feature set will support any use case scenario – from a table-top demonstration chassis up to power user evaluating performance of a particular multi-card application.

Comtel offers custom backplane design and custom chassis features per customer request.


• ANSI/VITA 46.0 VPX Baseline Standard
• ANSI/VITA 46.x VPX Subsidiary Standards
• ANSI/VITA 46.11 VPX: System Management
• ANSI/VITA 65 Open VPX Standard
• ANSI/VITA 66.x VPX Optical Interconnect Standard
• ANSI/VITA 67.0x VPX Coaxial Interconnect Standard

Breakthrough 100Gbps Air-/-Plane backplane technology supports:

• 25 Gbps Ethernet per a single lane
• 8 Gbps PCI-E Gen3 per a single lane
• Designed to support 16 Gbps PCI-E Gen4 per a single lane


  • 11U stand-alone chassis with rubber feet
  • Accommodates 5x 6U VPX front and RTM slots with slot pitch 1.4”
  • Flexible Card Guide System: conduction and convection cooling options & variable pitch
  • NEW: VITA 48.8 REDI Support (Air Flow Through Cooling)
  • Powerful push-pull cooling
  • BKP6-DIS05-11.2.16-n OpenVPX Backplane
  • Integrated 900W AC PSU
  • Comprehensive, hands-on monitoring solution with graphical display (Voltage, Current, Temp, Fan Speed and Control)
  • VITA 46.11 compatible System Manager
  • Side pockets for carrying