VPX/open VPX C-Frame 5 Slot 3U

Front to top:
技术: VPX/open VPX
插槽: 5
能量显示: AC


Our 2nd Generation C-Frame offers the next level of flexibility in VPX development platforms. Not only can the customer exchange the type of card guides (convection, conduction, AFT) in a blink of an eye but now also the signal backplane. Thanks to Bi=/=Plane®technology, power and signal parts of a VPX backplane are separate PCB assemblies. This enables uncompromised signal quality along with faster turn around for the design of custom profiles.


• ANSI/VITA 46.0 VPX Baseline
• ANSI/VITA 46.10 VPX Rear Transition Module
• ANSI/VITA 46.11 VPX System Management
• ANSI/VITA 48.1 Mechanical Specifications for Microcomputers REDI Air Cooling
• ANSI/VITA 48.2 Mechanical Specifications for Microcomputers REDI Conduction Cooling
• ANSI/VITA 48.8 VPX REDI air-flow-through card guides
• ANSI/VITA 67.0 VPX Coaxial Interconnect
• ANSI/VITA 65 OpenVPX System Standard

Breakthrough 100Gbps Air-/-Plane® backplane technology supports:

• 25 Gbps Ethernet per a single lane
• 16 Gbps PCI-E Gen4 per a single lane
• Designed to support 16 Gbps PCI-E Gen4 per a single lane

Backplane Options:

• BKP3-DIS05-15.3.2 distributed backplane (3U)
• BKP6-DIS05-11.2.16 distributed backplane (6U)
• BKP3-CEN05-15.3.3 centralized backplane (3U)
• BKP6-CEN05-11.2.5 centralized backplane (6U)
• Plus rapid turnaround custom backplane including SOSA slot profiles


  • 8U stand-alone chassis with rubber feet
  • Accommodates 5x 3U VPX front and RTM slots with slot pitch 1.4”
  • Flexible Card Guide System: conduction and convection cooling options & variable pitch
  • NEW: VITA 48.8 REDI Support (Air Flow Through Cooling)
  • Powerful push-pull cooling
  • BKP3-DIS05-15.3.2-n OpenVPX Backplane (without provision for VITA67 RF connectors)
  • Integrated 900W AC PSU
  • Comprehensive, hands-on monitoring solution with graphical display (Voltage, Current, Temp, Fan Speed and Control)
  • VITA 46.11 compatible System Manager
  • Side pockets for carrying