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open VPX / SOSA Chassis and Backplane Configurator

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Get your custom VPX system platform for development, qualification, test and demonstration in less than 6 weeks for 3U and 6U VPX cards with various card guide options

Following industry standards

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Your Custom Product in less than 6 Weeks

  • An intuitive system configurator where you input your VPX card parameters, power budget
    AND backplane topology
  • Our price offer to you in less than 48 hours
  • A standardized backplane design procedure with pre-defined building blocks
  • A modular backplane concept for an accelerated production
  • Off-the-shelf system components for an assembly within hours


Avoidance of the Unexpected

  • The well-structured system configurator avoids human
    errors in the specification
  • Backplane design and manufacturing standards to guarantee quality and integrity of high-speed signals
  • Power and management infrastructure as part of a proven system design

Easy Transition into Final Solution

  • Let Comtel take your proven backplane topology from the development platform into a full-custom PCB for your system
  • Benifit from Comtel’s expertise:
    • High-speed backplane design
    • Signal Integrity simulation including your VPX cards
    • Rugged Chassis design and production
    • Thermal simulation
  • Established global supply chain and manufacturing partner for PCB and system production


openVPX - SOSA Chassis and Backplane Configurator

Our Configurator for YOUR Convenience

For your VPX payload you tell us about …

  • the card form factors
  • the card guides (for convective, conductive or AFT cooling)
  • the power requirements
  • the need for VITA chassis management
  • the profiles of the individual slots (e.g. SOSA and OpenVPX)
  • the routing between the slots

… Our interactive and intuitive configurator tool takes care of the rest.

Talk to us about transitioning your development environment innto a deployable solution. Let Comtel support you in your next VPX based project.

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Our streamline process guarantees you get a quote with 48 hours
and your hardware delivered within 6 weeks.

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