VPX/open VPX 3U Test Card

Technology: VPX/open VPX


3U VPX Test Card for High Speed Characterization of Backplane Links.


  • Perfectly suited to validate VPX backplane performance in a VPX system
  • Excellent performance beyond 26GHz
  • No need to extract a backplane out of a system to perform links characterization
  • Every single high-speed link on a backplane can be characterized
  • Complete S-parameter set as well as crosstalk can be captured with 3 test cards and 4 cable adapters
  • 3U VPX form factor, fits in both conduction and convection cooled slots
  • Connection to VNA via high precision compress-mount adapter
  • Cables to VNA included
  • SMA-free design!
  • Test card including high speed cable adapter fits into a single slot of a VPX backplane with pitch down to 0.8”
  • Mechanical kit allows for converting between conduction and convection cooled style mechanics
  • Air-/-Plane technology