CompactPCI Serial 9 Slot 4U

Technology: CompactPCI Serial
Slots: 9
Cooling: Bottom to top
Power: AC, DC


The CompactPCI® Serial 9-slot chassis is based on the novel standard that relies on serial point-to-point interconnections. It overcomes the bandwidth limitation of the parallel CompactPCI bus and allows for PCI-E, SATA, USB, and Ethernet links among the cards. The chassis is a light-weight unit with powerful cooling and redundant power supplies. It perfectly suits a wide range of applications from lab usage to multi-system arrangement in a rack.


• PICMG CompactPCI Serial
• PCI-E Gen3
• RoHS

High performance backplane supports the following topologies:

• PCI-E Gen3 – star configuration
• USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 – star configuration
• SATA 3.0 – star configuration
• 10 Gbps Ethernet – star configuration


  • 19”, 4U Rackmount chassis
  • Accommodates 9x 3U CompactPCI Serial front and RTM cards
  • Bottom-to-Top cooling topology
  • Push cooling with 3 air movers
  • Two redundant CompactPCI Serial AC PSUs, 300W each
  • Power On/Off switch and Reset button on the front panel
  • Two large handles on rack ears for lifting and carrying the chassis
  • EMI containment for front and rear card cage