Thermal Analysis

Thermal Analysis

Thermal Simulations

CFD Simulation

High power density systems, such as AdvancedTCA®, microTCA and others are supplied with high power cooling mechanisms but the real cooling requirement is defined by the dissipation and allowable temperatures of the boards. Cooling performance will vary with the mix of the boards and their airflow impedance. In many cases the cooling performance cannot be predicted without this information.

Comtel Electronics offers thermal CFD simulation to determine how specific customer boards will behave in a given Comtel shelf product.



Airflow cross section, Multiple Views

Airflow with specific board airflow impedances

Numerical analysis

There is a further need to run several ‘what-if’ scenarios to determine system performance. This can be expensive, time consuming and unnecessarily complex for a first level assessment. Comtel Electronics provides a numerical analysis based on the vendor supplied shelf and board pressure-flow curves. This provides results for each board mix option within minutes. An example of such an analysis is shown below.